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DHEA 50 mg
DHEA 50 mg

  • Pharmaceutical Grade DHEA, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland.
  • The secretion and the blood levels of DHEA naturally decrease profoundly with age.
  • In the central nervous system, DHEA is considered a neurosteroid with a wide range of functions.
  • Sometimes called the “youth hormone,” DHEA is the most abundant hormone precursor in the human body and a source of the sex hormones.
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In the elderly, DHEA exerts an immunomodulatory action, increasing the number of monocytes, T cells expressing T-cell receptor gamma/delta and natural killer (NK) cells. It improves physical and psychological well-being, muscle strength and bone density, and reduces body fat and age-related skin atrophy stimulating procollagen/sebum production.

With advancing age, plasma testosterone levels decline, with free testosterone levels declining more significantly than total testosterone. This fall is thought to underlie the development of physical and mental weakness that occurs with advancing age. In addition, vigorous exercise can also lower total and free testosterone levels with the decline greatest in physically untrained men. The purpose of one study was to evaluate the effect of oral DHEA supplementation, a testosterone precursor, on free testosterone in sedentary middle-aged men during recovery from a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) bout of exercise. The results demonstrate acute oral DHEA supplementation can elevate free testosterone levels in middle-aged men and prevent it from declining during HIIT. Therefore, DHEA supplementation may have significant benefits related to HIIT adaptation.

In adrenal insufficiency, DHEA restores DHEA/DHEAS and androstenedione levels, reduces total cholesterol, improves well-being, sexual satisfaction and insulin sensitivity, and prevents loss of bone mineral density.

DHEA modulates cardiovascular signalling pathways and exerts an anti-inflammatory, vasorelaxant and anti-remodelling effect. Its low levels correlate with increased cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

DHEA/DHEAS appear protective in asthma and allergy. It attenuates T helper 2 allergic inflammation, and reduces eosinophilia and airway hyperreactivity.

Further in Depth Description

  • Substantial data from animal studies have demonstrated a stimulatory effect of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on immune function.
  • Clinical study shows administration of oral DHEA at a daily dose of 50 mg to age-advanced men with low serum DHEAS levels significantly activated immune function.
  • Clinical study results showed daily oral 100 mg dose of DHEA for 6 months resulted in elevation of circulating DHEA. An increase in serum IGF-I levels was observed in both genders.
  • Restoring DHEA and DS to young adult levels in men and women of advancing age induced an increase in the bioavailability of IGF-I, as reflected by an increase in IGF-I and a decrease in IGFBP-1 levels. These observations together with improvement of physical and psychological well-being in both genders and the absence of side-effects constitute the first demonstration of novel effects of DHEA replacement in age-advanced men and women.
  • DHEA mediates its action via multiple signaling pathways involving specific membrane receptors and via transformation into androgen and estrogen derivatives acting through their specific receptors. These pathways include: nitric oxide synthase activation, modulation of γ-amino butyric acid receptors, N-methyl D-aspartate, receptors sigma receptors (Sigma-1), differential expression of inflammatory factors, adhesion molecules and reactive oxygen species, among others.
  • Clinical and epidemiological studies suggested that low DHEA levels might be associated with ischemic heart disease, endothelial dysfunction, atherosclerosis, bone loss, inflammatory diseases, and sexual dysfunction. Most importantly, no significant adverse or negative side effects of DHEA were reported in clinical studies of men and women.
  • Prolonged oral administration of DHEA in the elderly increases DHEAS levels to normal young adult levels after 6-12 months of supplementation in males and also in female subjects after 12 months of supplementation.
  • In systemic lupus erythematosus, DHEA is steroid-sparing.
  • In an unblinded study, it induced remission in the majority of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Low levels of DHEAS accompany adrenal suppression. It could be used to screen for the side effects of steroid.
  • In women, DHEA improves sexual satisfaction, fertility and age-related vaginal atrophy.







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