AlchePharma's Supplement Highlights

European Standardized Herbs

We are proud to offer the world's best herbal extracts. SEE WHY

Clinically Studied Ingredients

We use the best possible sourcing for each product depending on clinical studies. We utilize 50+ Patented and Trademarked ingredients.

B.E.A.R.S. Probiotics

The industry's most stable probiotics, using Bio Enhanced Acid Resistant Strains.

AlchePharma's Strict Quality Controls

We highly value QUALITY in our supplements. AlchePharma set high standards for both you and ourselves. In order to maintain these standards, we ensure there are strict quality controls from sourcing to manufacturing the final product. Our products are produced instate-of-the-art, Eco-Friendly facilities. Here are some of our Certifications of Quality:

QAI is a USDA-accredited certifying agency (ACA), approved to provide organic certification in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program. Certification is important for consumers, the industry and the regulatory community in order to assure organic integrity from farm to retail shelf. A product marked "certified organic" means that an accredited certifying agency, such as QAI, has verified that the product labeled as "organic" is true to that organic labeling claim, as specified by the National Organic Program in accordance with the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990

NSF has a successful 60-year history of providing certification programs for food, water and consumer goods. In recent years, NSF has become the gold standard of GMP certification programs in the dietary supplement and functional foods categories.

NPA has always taken a leadership role in promoting quality standards and has developed proactive certification programs for that purpose. NPA was the first organization to offer a third-party GMP certification program for the manufacturing of dietary supplements and dietary ingredients. NPA established its GMP standards for dietary supplements in 1999 and updated the standard in 2000. At the time of publication, these GMP standards represented the industry's best practices and served as the basis of the NPA GMP Certification Program.

Meet Our Team

AlchePharma does not operate behind a corporate shield of Public Relation firms and paid spokespeople. We produce and consume the products that we manufacture for you ourselves. Therefore, we take a personal interest in scouring the world for unique manufactures and ingredients to enhance our lives as well as yours.



Emersed in the nutrition industry since 1989. His goal is to re-define the major media’s view of the supplement industry into a valid, well-cited, peer reviewed, public option.



Heike Turchiano is a professional health educator holding a degree in nutrition from Clayton school of medicine and as well as a degree in Political science from Cal Poly.


Marketing, Purchasing &

National Development Coordinator


Web Development &

National Multimedia Manager